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Brittany Ferri

I'm a non-clinical OTR (ask me about it!). I have clinical experience in and a passion for mental health. I love hiking, basketball, plants, and tea.


Allied Health September 18th, 2019
Interview Questions to Ask an OT

Basic interview questions lead to cookie cutter answers. What do you need to ask in order to create a compelling interview that gives you all the answers you need? Find an OT that truly fits in with your practice.

Allied Health September 5th, 2019
How Mentorship can Change Your Occupational Therapy Career

Being a new graduate in any field can be scary, especially when you are an occupational therapist. One way to smooth some of the turbulent waves that come with your first few years in practice is to find good support. Mentorship will take your career to the next level.

Allied Health July 2nd, 2019
Trauma-informed Care in Occupational Therapy

Addressing a patient's history of trauma is an essential part of treating them holistically. Inform yourself and speak with the patient to give them the best treatment possible.

Allied Health April 23rd, 2019
OT Advocacy: Inside and Outside of the Clinic

Being an advocate for your patients is invaluable for great patient care, but don't forget to advocate for yourself as well, both in and out of the clinic.